Things That Drive Me Crazy- Typos and other Writing Mistakes

As a writer, it is important to make sure your work is free from typos, misspellings, and improper word use. One of the most important tools a writer has is proofreading (spell check is not flawless). I have read best-selling books and found several typos and I am pretty sure they pay people to keep that from happening. Of course, you read over your work once you are finished writing, but that is not always enough. Our brains work so fast that they may make us think we read a word that was  actually not there. The sentence can say: She left home for her daily walk at the same time day. The word “of” is missing but a brain that knows the word “of” is supposed to be there may read it as if it were there.

I love to read! It is one of my favorite things to do. I have found that almost every book or website post has at least one typo or a missing word or some other error. It drives me crazy! Especially, if it is in a book because it takes away from the story to me. Spell check and proofreading do not seem to be doing the trick. Sometimes it is not a big deal but there are times when the typo or misspelling makes it difficult to understand what the author is trying to say. That really makes me not want to read the rest of the book. It ruins the experience for me.

When it comes to hiring someone typos on a website will make me reconsider.  A website is a company’s spokesperson. It is how they are introduced to their potential clients. If your website has spelling errors you are making a bad first impression. I would love to proofread for a living. I read everything and I catch mistakes very easily. It would be a dream job for me!

Now I know none of us are perfect (especially me) so I suggest reading your writing out loud so you can hear how it sounds. In this age of technology, you can have your writing read to you by a program on whatever device you have. Two I know of are Suri and Catana. They just read the words on the page as they are written and that makes it easy for you to hear any mistakes you have made.

I am human too, so if you find a mistake in anything I write please let me know. Below are some examples of mistakes I have caught on web pages.


(Content from a freight insurance website)

This groundbreaking conference is slated to focus on the great ideas brokers and 3PLs needed to succeed

The sentence starts in the present tense but the word *needed* is in the past tense This is a credit union blog in Arizona.

“To a packed crowd and jovial applause, Fitzgerald joined like likes of Dan Marino, Mike Ditka, Tony Dorsett and others”

That should say “the likes”


3 comments on “Things That Drive Me Crazy- Typos and other Writing Mistakes

  1. And I thought it just bothered me from the days of proof reading my kids English papers. And yes, I would also like to be told about any glaring mistakes or spinach stuck in my teeth!


  2. pamkirst2014 says:

    Oh, I agree,–typos completely derail me…but I have committed some doozies. I sent an all-colleague email that read, “Hell, colleagues, on this hot day!” I meant HellO, but forgot that all important final letter, and spell-check was no help at all! Great post!


  3. ljlhannah says:

    So I caught my first typo. (This is a very heartfelt post. It really touche me.) I forgot the “d”


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