How do you tell someone I love you but I can’t stand to be around you?
I love you but the thought of you makes me cringe
I love you but when I am in your presence I feel like I am suffocating.
It’s like you suck all the oxygen out of my lungs and I’m left with no air to breathe
How do you tell someone I love you but your attitude repels me?
The things you do make me sick
Just the thought of you makes my head throb
I love you, I really do love you
But I hate what you have become to me
I hate the gimme, gimme, gimme coming from your mouth and the what else can I get from her look in your eyes
Loving you is exhausting
It takes energy I don’t have to give
It requires me to abandon my own needs to continuously meet yours
It makes me feel guilty if I ever say “no”
Loving you is painful on a whole new level of pain I didn’t know existed
Loving you is hard, so very hard
But I must love you
You are mommy and daddy
I have to love you
And I do
I truly do
It is our relationship I hate
This poem is my entry for memeespoetryparties poetry challenge

6 comments on “Love/Hate

  1. dbhall1911 says:

    You say it just like you did… and don’t change a thing. The important thing to remember is keep the anger out of it so they can hear the hurt.

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  2. jadekmoore says:

    I like this! It makes me think about where the line is between loving and hating someone. One the one hand, if you love someone you tell them ‘I love you’ and the emphasis is on all three words, but if we single out the word ‘you’ then we are saying that we love who they are no matter what. Even if they annoy us to the point that we hate them. All the anger and hatred can be as passionate as the love, and we love despite the hate.

    Also with loving them but hating the relationship, that’s a tough combination and you really let that come through in this poem!

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  3. memeethemuse says:

    I expected it to be about your child, not your parents. My son just turned 21 last month. And he only moved out in April (20). I adore him. I love him, but dang if that boy didn’t exhaust me if not due to one type of action then another.

    Parent-child relationships, they’re so tough! I am very pleased that my poetry challenge allowed you to release some of that negative, toxic energy… just in time for Thanksgiving! Thanks for linking up. I added your gorgeous photo just to be certain that people can click through to your page and vote win that window opens on Thursday.

    ☀ Memee

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