Will Write for Work

Writing is not a 9 to 5 job

It wakes you up at midnight and keeps you up until 3 am

It calls on you while you’re in the shower, in church or while you’re driving

It doesn’t care what you have to get done during the day

Writing doesn’t wait for you to have the time

It is not polite or patient

When writing calls . . . you must write

Not now, but right now!

It doesn’t care whether you’ve eaten breakfast, showered or cleaned your house

If you do not meet its demands writing will leave you high and dry

With no phone call and no notice

You bend to its will or it will lock you out of the house and forget it ever knew you

Writing is difficult, tedious, frustrating, and at times, down right crazy!

That’s what makes it wonderful, awe inspiring and *superfantastical

Writing is not a 9 to 5 job

It is . . . magic!

*superfantastical is a word my best friend made up




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