This is me!


My name is Lynette and I am a freelance writer. I am a writer to my core. I write poetry, songs, articles and I am working on a book. I am here because I am a chronic pain sufferer and over the past 7 1/2 years I have gained  knowledge and insight into living with chronic pain instead of just surviving. I think I am in a position where I can help others who suffer from chronic pain and those who have loved ones who suffer from the disorder.

More than anything I really love to write and want to share my thoughts with the world. I have thoughts about religion, parenting, relationships and a host of other things that are just roaming around in my head. This blog  is a way for me to get those thoughts out of my head. While I do not consider myself to be insane (that is debatable) some of my thoughts are a bit out there. If nothing else they will make you laugh.


3 comments on “This is me!

  1. Looking forward to listening to what you have to share.


  2. […] have previously written about my chronic pain disorder. Along with the chronic pain comes its friends anxiety and depression. The pain itself is constant […]


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